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a few words about us

Justholla Online Retail Shopping Mall was registered as a Private Limited company in 2017. The company commenced operation in 2017 as a start-up online business that provides an easy and stress-free access to shopping for busy Professionals/ Executives and Entrepreneurs. We provide customers with a secured platform through which they could conveniently place their orders from a wide range of household products/ items (groceries, provisions and other foodstuffs) and have same delivered within a specified shortest possible time frame through specialize logistics solution activities. We supply our target market with products and commodities, which are cheaper than competitor's by through direct products distributorship, wholesale procurement and ultimately farming of the commodities in the medium to long term.

In line with our mission to deliver customer oriented online shopping services, we carry out our sales operation with consumer-friendly website and marketing promotions that drive traffic and create leads. We operate delivery models that include direct home delivery and collection/pick-up option to meet the needs of our customers who want affordable products delivered at the appropriate time.

The creation of our online market is in response to the growing demand for online shopping among the budding population of ever busy working class and internet savvy youths for convenient source for purchase of general household products in a way that is more sustainable and more cost effective than our competitors within Lagos and its environ.

Our target market specifically, will include:
  • Corporates (that do bulk purchases)
  • Eateries and Food Malls
  • Budding Entrepreneurs/ Executives
  • Professionals: - Bankers/ Lawyers/ Engineers/ Teachers etc.
  • Other busy Individuals/ Corporates bodies